Month: October 2014

Where Did This Year Go?

As we get older, we all seem to agree that time just flies each year. How did we get to November already (and for those of you counting, just 55 days from Christmas)? Yikes! Time does seem to move more and more quickly for me with each passing year. Some of that might be because …

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Feeling Stuck?

Ever have days (weeks, months or even years) where you just feel “stuck?” It might be with a relationship – with a spouse, kids, friends, a habit (hello – New Year’s Resolutions that make the list every year), career or job, or any other area of life. Most of us struggle with times in our lives …

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The Sometimes Reluctant Leader

Many of you have heard me say that I consider us all to have the potential to be leaders. I don’t believe you need a “title” or specific position, just a voice. Everyday, we all have places where we can step up and lead, be the positive example, help make a difference to someone. But …

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