Change – Do You Love It or Hate It?

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I’m one of those people that LOVES change. I thrive on it! In fact over the last eight months since I’ve posted, I met a guy, fell in love (like head over heels), married him, moved (for the 22nd time in my life) and became a step mom to four (yes four) amazing kids. Some may call that a bit of a change for someone that thought they might be destined to remain single the rest of their life. Change, variety, new, different, what every you want to call it, I consider it the spice of life!

Not everyone enjoys change though. And I guess if I’m completely honest, I like it a whole lot more when I feel in “control” of it, rather than when someone else is creating the change. If change is “inevitable” as the saying goes, why do so many people fear, despise, even loath it? If you struggle with change, how can you create a healthy view of change; learn to appreciate and maybe even enjoy it?

“If change is inevitable, why do so many people fear, despise, even loath it?”

So here are a couple of tips to managing change and taking baby steps to embrace it – not only as inevitable, but also as fun!

1. Face your fears. Ask yourself what about this scares me or makes me feel unsure. Many times we fear change because of the “unknown.” Some of that is just part of change but sometimes there are actual questions you can ask the person inflicting the change. Ask “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Often that is not as bad as our generalized fear makes us think.

2. Create your own change. Change is easier when we control it and decide what changes to make. Making a habit of embracing change can also help us adjust more quickly when others create change. So pick a different route to work. Change up your wardrobe or hairstyle. Try a new restaurant or food. Pick something new every week for a couple of weeks and then work up to something new every day.

3. Keep a journal. I really value keeping a journal (I keep a journal for gratitude, prayer, goals…).  It is a great way to track success and can be so encouraging when you are having a tough day. So write down what your new thing was each week or day and celebrate your success with those you love. If you’ve been a die hard “I hate change” kind of person, I bet they’ll notice your new found joy in “change.”

4. Don’t fight it until you’ve tried it. Fighting change never really works. We all know of people who fought against change and ended up just looking silly or being left out. I fought against using a smart phone and said I wouldn’t ever be one of those people that was so tied to a phone. Oops. Now, I can’t imagine life without it and have to go on a “technology fast” once a year to break some bad habits. So try to consciously give new ideas and changes a chance before you decide you don’t like them.

5. Embrace the attitude that without change, nothing moves forward. Change is what keeps us learning, exposes us to new people, places, ideas, and experiences. No – not all change is good (I am now more tied to a phone than I’d like) but with most change, we can make the best from it, learn from it and hopefully in most cases, keep the good and let go of (yet still learn from) the bad.

I wish you success in tackling new challenges!  I’d love to hear from you with new things you’ve tried – whether here in the comments or on my Facebook page.