One-on-One Coaching

Working with a coach one-on-one is proven to be incredibly effective for people. I become your guide, but we are ultimately partners trying to get to your healthiest life. Each program is unique because each client is unique. We follow the steps, learning and adjusting along the way. The best part... You will have ongoing access to me as your health coach for check-ins and to other resources like social media, professional networks and educational podcasts.


With various technologies for check-ins, coaching can fit anyone's busy schedule. Easy & effective!


Programs can be tailored for special populations: diabetes, seniors, nursing moms, and others.


Support matters. You will always be able to check-in with your coach and access resources.

Step 1: Decide You are Ready for Change

As with any journey, it starts by understanding where you are now. The free Wellbeing Evaluation helps give us that starting point. This tells us a great deal about your physical, mental and financial health. A quick follow-up call will pinpoint your main goals, answer your questions and provide any tips for you to move forward on your own journey. Want to dig deeper? To explore further, we complete a more comprehensive Health Assessment to determine your dreams, other goals and specific needs.

Dare to Thrive Coaching Step 1

Step 2: Implement

Many people are not ready for self-directed lifestyle change. As a coach, I can help you plan, overcome obstacles and stay accountable. If you want that support, then we determine our path. Often the first goal is weight loss or improved health. For these types of changes, I utilize a number of doctor-created programs to provide structure and a simple plan. If physical health is not your primary concern, we discuss other one-on-one options. I am there to offer coaching and accountability.

Dare to Thrive Coaching Step 2

Step 3: Longterm

You may realize this already, but change takes time. No worries. I'm here for you. You determine the length of time we work together as we discuss your longterm goals and practice getting really good at new habits. In this digital age, regular check-ins can be done in so many ways - video calls, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and more. With educational resources and opportunity for a community of support, you will never feel alone on your journey.

Dare to Thrive Coaching Step 3

Step 4: Transition

Congratulations, you've reached your goals! Now, let's talk about life moving forward. You have learned new habits, become aware of your mindset and gotten comfortable seeking resources to support your goals. We will transition to the next step in your healthy, thriving lifestyle by helping you create independent strategies that fit your life. But never fear... I’m always here as a resource if things get bumpy and you need to return.

Dare to Thrive Coaching Step 4

Need a Coach?

I constantly feel overwhelmed.

I feel stressed, tired, and have no energy.

I am overweight and have many unhealthy habits.

I am juggling 100 balls and am afraid of what I'll drop.

I want "more" out of life but have no idea what that means.

I feel like I'm wearing a mask and no one sees the real me.

I am fearful of stepping out of my comfort zone, and I don't try new things.

I want to make an impact on the world, but I feel like I'm just treading water.

I don't even recognize the person I see in the mirror.

I can't remember the last time I really laughed.

I have no self-confidence.

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