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It’s September 3, 2015, and WOW, a lot has changed since the start of my business and my first blog post on June 1, 2014.

And yet, much is still the same. I’m no longer Jennifer Rackley, but now Jennifer Rackley Chacon, as I just got married in May. I also become a stepmom to four (yes four) amazing kids. And those changes were the catalyst for changing my business name to Leadership That Inspires.  I don’t use the “Play Big” as a tagline anymore, but it is still my favorite quote and one that reminds me daily to remember to play big in everything I do.

I’m still pursuing this crazy dream of coaching businesses to play full out, to really serve the world and inspire their teams to help them do that better than anyone else in their industry. I still love working with individuals that love to learn, and grow and dream and never play small.

So my question still stands – Where do you need to start playing big, or take a step towards playing big? I’d love to hear where you are and encourage you in that journey.