Thriving. Maybe Our Millennials are on to Something.

Thriving, Maybe Our Millennials are on to Something

As some of you know, I’m on quest to really thrive in life. (If you’d like to know the story behind this, read my blog post here.) Equally important to me is helping other people thrive – especially in the workplace. I haven’t found anyone morally opposed to thriving…, yet few seem to actually have any really good idea of what thriving looks like for them, or their business, or especially the people that work within their business. And I would have been right there with you a year ago. Apparently we don’t spend much of our time thinking about these things. The more I engage with and understand millennials though, I realize they are at least more aware of it. They may not fully understand exactly what thriving looks like but they are pretty darn aware of what it doesn’t look like. They are pushing back and I think we can learn from them.

So what does it mean to “thrive?”

First, I believe there is no one “right” answer. Thriving is unique to each of us. It is when our lives are holistically in alignment with our personal beliefs and values. It is understanding that we only consistently thrive when all areas of our life are in alignment (notice I didn’t say balance).

Thriving is an alignment of our personal beliefs, values, purpose and actions.

So what are those “areas” of life and what are some questions we can ask ourselves to determine if we’re thriving? Here is where I start.

Values – Do I know what is innately important to me? Do I know and understand my inner core values?

Personality – Do I really know my personality? Do I understand how it impacts me and others around me? Things like am I an introvert or extrovert; a thinker or a feeler; and all the other personality indicators.

Physical Health – Am I doing whatever is in my power to stay healthy and/or positively impact my health? Am I a good role model for others I influence? If I sustain my current lifestyle, where will I most likely be 20, 30, 40 years from now? Do my habits support me doing life well (i.e., sleep, eating for energy, physically able to do job, errands, fun stuff).

Mental / Emotional Health – Am I mindful and present? Are my emotions appropriate in situations I face? Am I able to step back from problems, challenges and stress and properly recharge? Is my attitude healthy or harmful?

Spiritual Health – Do I have a belief system that believes in something that connects us all? Do I allow myself time to connect to a higher power?  I have a very strong faith. I’m not saying everyone will have a religious spiritual belief but having a belief that we are all somehow connected and part of the greater good is a big part of feeling connected instead of isolated.

Financial Health – Not wealth, but health. Can I financially support myself? Am I making wise financial decisions that do not lead to excess stress? Am I fiscally responsible? Do my financial decisions help me thrive in all areas?

Relational Health – Do I have a “community;” people I have a relationship with? How strong are my family ties or other close relationships? What is my relationship like with my co-workers? A strong community and support system is vital to thriving.

Career / Purpose – Do I have a career I enjoy and brings me fulfillment? Do I have something (career or otherwise) that enables me to give back and serve my unique purpose? Do I positively give back to society?

Fun / Enjoyment – How often do I do things I truly enjoy? What was the last new thing I did or skill I learned? Do I find things that bring me laughter and joy each day? Do I consciously include things I love (big or small) into my life?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to dig into each of these a bit more, and give some resources where possible. I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything I missed!

And if you’re at a place where you are really struggling to thrive or are just plain stuck, reach out to me for a free consultation. It’s a great starting point.


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