About Dare to Thrive & Jen Rackley Chacon

We believe every person has a purpose and can thrive — no matter the season or circumstances.

Meet Jen

If you’re looking for someone who can empathize with your challenges, then meet Jen Chacon. Over the course of 20 years, she built a solid career, traveled the world, and looked like the very definition of success. But behind the scenes, her life was a disaster—a failing marriage, a slumping spiritual life, and a deep sense of loneliness.

But that all changed thanks to a friend’s coaching. Jen gained so much from that coaching session she not only turned her life around, she also decided to leave her career and become a coach.

Jen has worked with life, business, and health coaches and each experience rolled up to one word – transformation. Each aspect kept coming back full circle. She realized all of life is intertwined.

Jen is now happily married, a stepmom to four kids, and has been a mentor to over 200 individual clients and organizations.

She’ll be the first to admit that life isn’t perfect—no one’s life can be—but she’s now equipped to handle challenges, she has a vibrant prayer life again, and she’s following her passion of helping people dare to thrive.

Jen Rackley Chacon of Dare to Thrive
Certified Health Coach

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With Jen’s guidance, support, and expertise, you can learn to be stronger in the face of problems and find the satisfaction in your life you’ve been searching for.