My Philosophy

God created each of us with unique gifts and the best intentions. All parts of our life connect. When we lean too heavily into one, another suffers. We try to do it all, but with the "striving" human nature, we often get wrapped up, stretched out and distorted in all sorts of ways.

We could stubbornly push through. But the truly strong person can stop a moment, identify what is really important, and make necessary changes. If we work, we should enjoy it. If we lead, we have a responsibility to our team. I believe we all have value and purpose and were all made to thrive.

My Story

Hi, everyone, I'm Jen! I'm your typical hard-driving, goal-oriented, first born. The natural independence and "me do it" attitude suited well for a while. I had a decent career and was moving up the ladder. I was financially okay and enjoyed seeing the world on vacation. I looked like I was really succeeding. Except, it was all a fragile facade. You see... I had a failed marriage behind me. My spiritual life was in the toilet. I had a scattered circle of friends. My health was taking a backseat. And I was kind of lonely. Weekends were spent either getting burnt out working or in the fetal position on the couch trying to recharge.

I realized I needed to make some changes. A free session with a friend opened my eyes to the process of coaching. I was hooked, and it gave me such a wonderfully different perspective. A few years later, I achieved my first coaching certification. Then, after quite a few "now what" moments and lots of soul searching and prayer, I made the leap to leave my job (and steady paycheck!) to follow my passions in coaching, health, and helping people and businesses thrive.

Fast forward a few more years and I'm... A wife, a stepmom to four kids, an entrepreneur, a team leader, a health nut, a Jesus follower, and an adventure seeker. I escaped the grind of the corporate world. I have freedom of schedule and a load that doesn't overwhelm me constantly. I get to travel and create so much more. I'm not perfect, but I am now practiced at thriving. I have guidance and support to give others.

Coach Jen Chacon Health Journey

Jen Chacon


Founder & CEO of Dare to Thrive

20 years non-profit leadership experience

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Health Coach

Certified International Coach Federation

Experienced facilitator, trainer & speaker

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I began working with one of my first coaching clients while remote on a beach in Hawaii.
That felt like thriving.