Blogging is Like Flossing

Blogging is Like Flossing

As I dusted off my blog today my first thought was “Ugh.” Why is doing something like blogging (or flossing for that matter) so hard to do consistently? I floss every.single.night the first two weeks after a dentist appointment. And then it slowly wanes until 2 days before my next visit when I’m vigorously flossing …

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Why We Struggle to Thrive

Why We Struggle to Thrive

I should eat healthy, workout, take time to really get to know my employees, spend more time with my kids, get up earlier… the list goes on. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Why do we have such a hard time doing the things we KNOW would help us thrive in life and work? I mean is there anyone …

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It’s All in Your Perspective

How much thought do you give to your “perspective?” Most of us don’t really think much about it. I mean, our perspective is our perspective and has always been our perspective. It’s all we’ve ever known. Yet the minute we look at something from another perspective it automatically changes our perspective in some way – …

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The Paradox of Leadership

It often seems like there is a lack of leadership in our business world today. Is that the reality or just our perception? Have our standards changed? Has there always been a lack? Are “leaders” more focused on the bottom line than on their people? Being a great leader is something so few seem to …

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