Is Work a Four-Letter Word?

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Ahh – four letter words.  They held such mystery and appeal to us as kids who were not allowed to utter them.  We may have snickered when one was said, knew we were in huge trouble if one was directed at us, or our mouth may have dropped open if coming from someone unexpected. As adults, they may be an everyday part of our vocabulary, something we’d never say in a million years, or a word saved for really serious situations to convey how we really feel;  but we all know what it means when we talk about a “four letter word…”

So yes – there is the obvious that work is indeed made up of four letters, but when did work become a “four-letter word” to so many?   When did our life calling, that profession we dreamt of as a child, become negative?  Drudgery?  All consuming misery? Some may call me melodramatic, but many of you may be nodding your head vigorously, saying “Yes! When did that happen?”

I truly do believe we all have something specific we were placed here on this earth to do.  That we have specific skills, passions, and even experiences that allow us to do that “thing” better than anyone else.  Sometimes we are doing that very “thing” but have just gotten bogged down or jaded with the “office politics” surrounding us.  Sometimes we thought we were on the right track and have come to realize that’s not so true.  Maybe we took a job because we had to provide for family and that became (understandably) the prevailing factor.  Or maybe we served a purpose, learned what we were supposed to learn and are now meant to move on to the next phase.

Do you know your purpose?  What you were uniquely put on this planet to do?

When was the last time you dreamt of your future?  Of your possibilities?  When was the last time you allowed yourself to think outside of where you are now?  What would it take envision the possibilities, the “what if’s, to dream of a job you truly enjoy?  One that doesn’t feel like “work?”  Sometimes the first step is to just allow yourself to dream.

If you are someone who is truly passionate about your work – woohoo!!  The world needs more of us that are passionate about what we do and truly engaged in doing what we do.  So don’t hide that light.  Shine, be excited, share your joy, and share your story about how you got there.