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Ever have days (weeks, months or even years) where you just feel “stuck?” It might be with a relationship – with a spouse, kids, friends, a habit (hello – New Year’s Resolutions that make the list every year), career or job, or any other area of life. Most of us struggle with times in our lives when we feel stuck. And it holds us back from experiencing living life to our full potential. Have you ever met, or read about, one of those people that just seems to LIVE life every single day? No fear, no regrets, just living and trying to make the most out of each day. Wow – those people so inspire me.

Fear – that is the biggest enemy of forward progress, of stepping out of our comfort zone, of taking the step that might get us “unstuck.” Because what if what we step into is worse than where we are now? I mean there is that whole “jumping out of the frying pan into the fire” quote for a reason, right?!

But…what if what we step into is better? Maybe even a whole lot better? Or is at least a step towards better? And even if it is worse, might that just mean we need to take a different step?

Sometimes the greatest act of courage is just taking that one, tiny first step. Each step then gets a little less scary when you realize you stepped out in courage and survived. As someone who has just spent the last year stepping into my fear, trust me when I say, it does get easier. And it is so worth it to see what amazing, exciting things the world has in store for those willing to try something new. You were created with so much potential. I leave you with this manifesto to give you a little inspiration… Where do you need to take the first step to reach it? What is your one, tiny first step?

Unlock your potential!

With audacious love,